Saturday, 12 March 2016

Fire!! call 101

Our Lucknow fire experience and the learning lessons..
1) Never hesitate to call fire brigade(101 or even 100), even if you feel the fire is too trivial for a big brigade van..
Summer season and nearby electric cables are certain red flags requiring immediate attention and call for help..
2) NEVER ever switch off ur cell number after making the call fearing formalities. Usually, they call back to ascertain the exact location and the kind of fire..
3) Reach the nearest known landmark and guide the fire brigade van from will save many precious minutes..
Yesterday night (i.e. on 05th march 2016), While me and my wife Priyankawere enjoying our 10pm post-dinner walk, Priyanka noticed low flames of fire just below a small transformer located in nearby park. looked like grasses and small plants just below the transformer had caught fire. It was still to light up any hanging wires above.
We went close and noticed that the transformer is secured inside a encircled steel fence, door was which was suitably locked. We looked around seeking help, chances of which looked minimal given this late hour. Priyanka being ever spirited and never give up kind of person stopped a bicycle riding guy asking him to inform the electric guy of the locality till we try to do something here. We saw the clueless guy shaking his head and leaving as soon as we entered the park to awaken the park's gardener who lived in a small single room inside the park, just few metres away from the transformer.
The moment we knocked the door, electricity around the area went off with a big whoop...Now Priyanka insisted that i need to call for help. But what's the contact number of fire brigade, I wondered. I thought of calling 100 or better a known police SI posted in a nearby station who had given his number during Priyanka's passport verification. Searching for his number, I came across a contact named 'fire brigade' in my BSNL SIM contact list (may b pre-fed with the SIM). I checked the details and found the number 101. i knew that worked in Delhi, but was unsure about Lucknow..
Still, I dialled and to my surprise, it was received within three rings. I filled in all the details to the attending person who sounded calm and was very specific in his queries. 'well trained', I mumbled after the call.
After about 8-10 long minutes, we heard the approaching loud siren of the fire brigade. From far off, I saw them missing the turn and cursed myself for not having thought of being at the entry gate.
Just when we thought of rushing to the gate, I got a call from the on-van fire personnel for the exact location..I filled in again and stood in the road waving my hand with my cell torch switched on. They reached the spot within seconds. N it took another few minutes to douse the fire.
We thanked the fire personnel for their prompt response, who in return thanked us for calling just in time..he informed us that had the fire flames reached two more feets high, the oil tank of tranformer would have burst resulting in a major mishap..
N surprisingly he thanked us again before leaving for NOT switching off my cell.. we wondered why would anyone do that. Most of the calls to fire brigade has to be registered as 'anonymous' as most people switches off their cell fearing avoidable formalities/hassles. N that makes it tough for the fire personal to ascertain the location. btw,the only official information they wanted from me was my name to fill in their register..
Pleased and proud to have such an efficient fire brigade service in Lucknow!!